The end of the motivation

Since the accident I speak my experiences and ideas  very regularly in my video diary to relieve me and to keep my orientation. After a few years my friends and acquaintances told me that I had to write a book about it.


So this logbook became a book about this adventurous journey with Markus from the intensive care unit to the experiences with the therapists and nursing services at my home, my new extensive care tasks, supplier companies, health insurance, homes, rehabilitation centers, authorities and social courts. The community feeling and the recovery process of my brother firmly in view.


In autumn 2010 the work on the book "Coma Vigil - the end of the motivation" began. It was published in 2012.
One year earlier I had founded the Moments Foundation with my brother Frank in order to put the impulses on the topic of apallic coma and the support for caring relatives on an even broader basis. The proceeds of the book can now flow into the foundation.