Coma vigil - The end of the motivation


Paperback, 2nd edition 309 pages



About this book:


This is the story of Michael Becker, who 10 years ago was still a busy and creative property-master for international cinema and television productions.


In January 2008 his life changed abruptly. His younger brother Markus suffers a brain stem contusion in a traffic accident. When Michael comes to him in hospital, Markus fights for his life. Many weeks later Markus awakes from his coma.


For Michael it is clear that he will take over this task. Markus can't speak, can't move his limbs, let alone walk.


Early on Michael realizes that the medical and nursing apparatus used in these cases cannot lead to his brother's recovery. He analyses the negative spiral inherent in this system and registers that this type of treatment leads to the administration of his brother's condition or death.


Used to his job of only "drilling through thick boards", he sets himself a high goal: Markus should be able to walk again, speak and lead a self-determined life. What makes him so sure? He is neither a doctor nor a therapist. Michael trusts his intuition and the knowledge that Markus as a being is not damaged and that his mind is only cut off from the usual neural connections of the brain.


Michael's creativity, perseverance and empathy really helped his brother. In doing so, Michael has gained a number of fundamental insights to encourage relatives of coma patients and to give professional therapists and nursing services important impulses.


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Michael Becker: "Coma Vigil The end of the motivation"

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