The way to Marte Meo in the 24-hour care at home

The nursing staff for my brother had great problems in communicating with him. And that brought conflicts and unpleasant clashes with Markus. They did not know him by his nature and character and reduced him too much to the clinical picture and the deficits. And I struggled day in and day out to teach them how best to deal with him, but I found that even with the good intention of doing it right, it was difficult for them to get in touch with him in the way they wanted. My words and my own example in dealing with Mark were obviously not effective enough. And so I sought external support. In the year 2010 first by a regular team supervision with a psychotherapist. With the help of these rounds of talks I was able to get a lot of "sand out of the gearing". Conflicts could be solved and the organisation of the team improved.



In 2014 I had the idea to extend this supervision with a video reflection. With this, the nursing assistants were able to sharpen their perception in dealing with my brother a little more. On the basis of the recorded sequences, improvements could be quickly achieved in individual conversations. A short time later I learned from Marte Meo, where selected situations of interaction within "complementary relationships" are recorded by video camera in order to be able to observe them later in a targeted way and thus show the communication of the participants.


As soon as I read the concept, it was clear to me that I would finally find the words and the method that I had missed for a sustainable, resource-oriented and empathetic attitude towards Markus in the mediation. With the help of the Marte Meo method, the staff really knew exactly what I meant and that relieved and liberated me tremendously. Now I am not the only one who is relaxed and supports my brother's development.