The Marte Meo method


It is frustrating over the years when one does not get along with one's beloved family member or with the other forces at home sufficiently or not at all. True understanding is important for everyone, and even vital for the person concerned.

In short, Marte Meo is a video-supported method to promote communication and development.


Due to its universal effectiveness and measurable success, Marte Meo is now also used in prisons, kindergartens, psychiatries, companies and, of course, traditionally in family and couple counselling.
Before we come to the offers (only in german), I would like to give you the opportunity to find out how I came to Marte Meo.


 Individuelle Marte Meo Präsentation

"Marte Meo Practitioner" (Anwender-Kurs)

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"Marte Meo Colleague-Trainer/Therapist"